Moms are Actually Genies

Chin Up, Mom, You’re One Of The Most Powerful Creatures in the Universe

The absolutely cutest thing happened to me in the car on the way to daycare. 

Rose’s fourth birthday is coming up, and it’s time for me to start planning things. I asked her if she had decided on a theme for the party yet. She said “PJ Masks.”

Hmm…okay. Pajama-laden children who wander the night fighting villains with names like Night Ninja, Luna Girl, and Romeo. A little odd, but not my birthday. PJ Masks it is! 

Then we got into the specifics. I asked her if she wanted an Owlette cake or a Gecko cake, or a Catboy cake, or all three? I asked about balloons, favors, and the guest list. With each question, she told me exactly what she wanted. Isn’t it wonderful when they start to talk and actually make sense?

By the time we got to school, we had planned the perfect party and she was absolutely BEAMING. 

As she got out of the car, she smiled at me and said five words I’ll never forget. 

“Mommy, you’re like my Genie.” 

Now granted, we’ve been watching a lot of Aladdin lately, but, regardless, this comment brought me to tears. It also made me really think…

As moms, we spend our lives asking our children what they need. 

“Are you cold?” I’ll get you a blanket.

“Are you hungry?” I’ll get you healthy food for your tummy. 

“Are you sad?” I’ll cheer you up, and, if I can’t, I’ll just hold you until you feel better again. 

The dictionary defines a genie as “a magic spirit believed to take human form and serve the person who calls it.” 

How special is it that our little ones get an amazing Mom-Genie to look after them! How wonderful that our hard work gives them the comfort of knowing they have someone to take care of their every want and need. How comforting that the kind of deep confidence and hope that Aladdin felt when he had the lamp is what we instill in our children every day just by our very presence. 

I absolutely adore my new title of Mom-Genie. I feel like it even makes changing diapers sound more elegant, “Dylan, I hear your cry. Your wish is my command, my child.” 

It also makes me much more inclined to bend over backward for my little lamp-rubbers knowing I AM ACTUALLY ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL CREATURES IN THE UNIVERSE. May they never forget it… 

Until next time,

Keep raising extraordinary children,


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