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If you've ever had a your little one melt down in a crowded store, wanted your child to appreciate the small things in life, or desperately wanted to give your child an extra boost of confidence before a big exam, then Tiny Values is for you! 

Teaching values like kindness, gratitude, and confidence is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. So, I took my 15 years of experience at Pixar Animation Studios and created Tiny Values - an entire curriculum of values! It's everything I want my children to learn and express in this world. Now they are kinder, more gracious, more patient, more confident, and more loving than ever! My 3-year-old even knows what patience means. (No small feat!) :)

It's been a wonderful gift for my family and I know that it will be for yours as well.  

With gratitude, 


The greatest gift we can give our children.